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Joe Mathis

August 6, 2016
I wanted to share my experience with Dr. Whitmer and my severe neck and upper back issues. I had received severe neck trauma through years of athletic activity with football and other sports. It had deteriorated to the point where I was in constant pain and discomfort through injuries obtained throughout and extensive Athletic career and also neglect on my behalf of getting treatment. I started visiting Dr. Whitmer on a weekly basis for three months consecutively and for the first time in my life I could actually relax and sit still while driving for hours because of my very busy schedule and extensive travel time inside of a vehicle. She used a number of different techniques to allow my neck and back to release and feel some sort of relaxation while sitting and standing for the first time in my life. Also, after the third month I actually walked out of her office feeling no pain whatsoever throughout my neck and she allowed me the unique opportunity to finally relax on a daily basis without feeling like someone was sticking a nail in my neck constantly. I am so very grateful for her service and her exceptional level of care that she provided for me and allowed me to enhance my quality of life on a daily basis that I wanted to share this publicly... THANK YOU very much Dr. Whitmer I really do appreciate it and I highly recommend her service and therapy to anyone in need of any type of Chiropractic relief!!! THANKS AGAIN!!!
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